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Why You Should Choose Us
Available to you 24/7

Our personnels are always available to assist you at all times. Customer service is our hallmark.

Personal Attention

Our staff are trained to handle each client with the highest level of professionalism, to realise any hidden potential in you, nurturing it into a successful career.

Friendly Environment

Our state of the art environment is designed to help you connect with us and feel very much at home.

Industrial Expects

Stuweb sports has expects with years of experience in each sport who can help you develop your career. You enjoy first hand information about the sport and also get to know the do's, don'ts and the tricks of each sport.

Thorough Preparation

We are equipped with the skills, knowledge and the necessary instruments to prepare you for your career.

Proofing Results

Our success depends on the success of our clients. Many of the famous and successful sports men and women who have patronized our services can attest to the fact that we are true to our word,of pushing our clients up the ladder of success.

Stuweb Sports Is In Partnership With Prostar Soccer Academy Canada

To set the same model Prostar Soccer Academy Ghana

We are one of the world’s leading sports management companies

Representing clients worldwide located in Accra- Ghana.

At Stuweb Sports You Are A CEO Of Your Own Enterprise

And our job is to build your brand and maximize your revenue

Stuweb Sports Management

Our Services

STUWEB SPORTS provide clients with the following services
Marketing & Endorsement

As a member of STUWEB Sports team, every athlete enjoys the benefit of an in-depth personalized marketing plan. Our marketing associate will assess the athlete positioning and implement a strategic marketing plan to build name brand recognition and maximize off the field revenue.

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Post Career Planning

In today’s sports world, earning potential is limited to relatively short period of time, as a result, STUWEB Sports Management encourages and facilitates the strategic planning of post career activities from the start.

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Contract Negotiation

STUWEB has solidified itself in the sports market place as one of the premiere contract negotiating firms. Collectively negotiating and having under contract over $200 million in client revenue during the last few years.

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Stuweb’s Focus

We provide complete and comprehensive representation to all athletes

We provide complete and comprehensive representation to all athletes. Our extensive network enables us to explore and develop new and innovative strategies. Each athlete is unique with individual needs. We implement a flexible program that helps you excel throughout your career.

Personal Attention

Athletes Training

Marketing and Endorsement

Contract Negotiation

Post-career Planning

Travel and Accommodation expense

Track And Field Athletes

STUWEB Sports Management has established a tremendous reputation in the track and field events, by developing and nurturing the carcass of athletes both beginners and professionals, through our hands-on-approach and personal attention. STUWEB Sports stands tall among other sports management in the area of managing track and field athletes. Our passion to help athletes succeed in their career, is the driving force behind our primary motive.

Our client list includes international athletic event medalist as well as college and university games students. All of whom choose STUWEB Sports Management to cultivate and manage their dreams. Our years of experience in sports, both domestic and international, allows our staff to give every athlete the opportunities they deserve and need to be successful.


STUWEB Sports Management specializes in managing and representing basketball players throughout the world. We also assist in the development of basketball in Africa. The services provided by STUWEB Sports ranges from day to day logistics of career management to contract negotiations and long term career counseling. We provide our clients with world class strength and condition training. Expert coaches on basketball skills and personalized nutritionalized program.

STUWEB Sports prioritizes developing its clients commercial opportunities which is aggressively pursues on a local, regional, national and international basis. We execute this by seeking out opportunities for clients in activities such as Endorsement Corporate Affiliation, Personal Appearances, Licensing, Merchandising and Charitable Foundations.

Stuweb Sports Is In Partnership With Prostar Soccer Academy Canada

To set the same model Prostar Soccer Academy Ghana

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